About Us

Our initial intention is only to provide Cryptocurrency news in simple words so that everyone can understand. We like “what’s going on”. Our mission is to make our readers familiar with any new technology, but most important about this: we want them (you) also able not to think too much about what they’re missing.

Who Founded TrueBitcoiner?

TrueBitcoiner is founded by Jitender Prajapati in October 2020 and handled by him only. He used to do cryptocurrency since 2013. Later on, he started to write campaigns for Bitcointalk.org. Currently, he used to write blogs and news on this site and learns new technology in crypto. In between, he started a YouTube channel for crypto educational purposes and created a group, where every Bitcoiner is welcomed. I hope you’ll love my blog and share it with your family and friends.

Feel free to message or drop a mail for any inquiry at contact@truebitcoiner.com