Binance Moves $72M in USDT To Tether Treasury As Aliniex Adds TON Chain USDT Support

Binance Moves $72M in USDT To Tether Treasury As Aliniex Adds TON Chain USDT Support

  • The transfer of $72M in USDT from Binance to Tether Treasury hints at shifting investment strategies.
  • Aliniex’s support for TON Chain USDT expands its appeal to crypto users in Vietnam.
  • Despite resistance levels, USDT maintains bullish sentiment with robust liquidity.

In a significant development within the cryptosphere, a staggering 72 million USDT (equivalent to $71,968,932) has been transferred from Binance to the Tether Treasury, as tracked by Whale Alert. 

This substantial movement of funds underscores the dynamic nature of digital asset transactions, hinting at potential shifts in market dynamics and investment strategies.

Adding to this notable activity, Aliniex, a prominent Vietnamese cryptocurrency platform, has announced its official support for TON Chain USDT, expanding its range of supported cryptocurrencies. 

This strategic move by Aliniex is expected to bolster its position in the market and attract a broader base of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

This integration with TON Chain USDT also enables Aliniex to expand the services offered on their platform and allow users to conduct transactions seamlessly on one of the fastest and least expensive blockchains. 

This marks a major achievement for Aliniex in its journey to become a leading on/off-ramp platform in Vietnam’s cryptocurrency market.

However, a closer examination of the price movements of Tether (USDT) against the US dollar offers some critical insights into market trends. 

Currently, the cryptocurrency is trading at around $0.9996, with a slight rise of 0.05% reported in the past 24 hours. 

Despite this minor increase, intraday volatility has revealed that crucial support and resistance levels have held their ground.

The $0.9990 mark has emerged as a robust support level, with multiple tests throughout the day indicating strong buy interest at this price point. Additionally, minor support around $0.9985 underscores the stability within the market during early trading hours.

Conversely, resistance levels around $0.9998 to $1.0000 have presented notable hurdles, reflecting sell pressure or profit-taking sentiments. 

Despite these challenges, the bullish sentiment appears to prevail, as evidenced by the gradual recovery and positive trend observed towards the end of the day.

Volume analysis further underscores the vibrancy of the market, with a 24-hour volume reaching $63.36 billion. 

This substantial liquidity, coupled with a robust volume-to-market cap ratio of 56.55%, reflects the active participation of traders and investors in the Tether (USDT) market.

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