FOMO Strikes as BRISE Coin Climbs 7%

As the market gears up for its next surge, investors are eagerly eyeing the next promising coin. Bitcoin has already rebounded from its previous dip, soaring past $65,000 from $56,000. Riding this wave of Bitcoin enthusiasm, several altcoins are gaining momentum and appear poised for a significant bull run. One such coin that has captured investor attention is Bitgert, a cryptocurrency with a promising future and a rapidly expanding ecosystem. 


Bitgert stands out as one of the most rapidly expanding layer-1 chains in the crypto sector, boasting an impressive speed of 100K TPS and a wallet-friendly fee of $0.001. What sets Bitgert apart is its use of the proof of authority consensus mechanism, a feature that enhances its user experience and has attracted a robust community of 600 K users. 


Bitgert was launched in 2021. It rebranded itself into a full-fledged Layer-1 ecosystem, with a zero-fee CEX,, a P2P crypto exchange, a crypto payment gateway, and many other utilities. It also has its own NFT marketplace. It recently launched an RWA marketplace for buying and selling real estate tokens. Bitgert provides a full suite of developer tools to help founders and developers build their applications with ease on the L1 chain. Bitgert has become a favorite among developers for its speed, scalability, security, and affordable fees. 


To enhance its capabilities further, Bitgert has collaborated with leading names in the industry. It has secured hundreds of partnerships in the AI< self-custody, RWA, wallet integrations, and other domains. Some of its recent partnerships include names like: 


  • for elevating security and privacy in self-custody via zk encryption
  • Uniques, a launchpad ecosystem
  • DDO chain to leverage AI and Web3
  • Trend Wallet to amplify user experience further
  • Kimberlite for the world’s first diamond-powered WEb3 ecosystem
  • SOLCex, the first centralized exchange on Solana
  • TG20 for advanced asset management 
  • Way network to collaborate on advanced zero-knowledge omni-chain interoperation protocol, and more. 


BRISE is the native token of the Bitgert token. Despite being a mid-cap token, BRISE has performed well. Bitgert token has a limited supply and deflationary mechanics to keep its supply under control and price rising in the long term. You can trade, swap, and exchange BRISE on PancakeSwap, Bitmart, Uniramp, MEXC Global, and others. The Bitgert token has given a high ROI to early investors. 


Despite being in the correction, the Bitgert token has lost comparatively lesser gains than other coins. Bitgert is already up 7% in the last 24 hours, and its MACD and RSI point to a further building rally. Experts predict the coin will see a massive push of 200% in the coming days.  If you are seeking a good token with extreme potential, your search ends with Bitgert – the layer- prodigy everyone has been waiting for. 


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