MEMEPROF ECOSYSTEM Secures Seed Funding from Alphablockz Ventures and Alpha Token Capital, Surpasses 15,000 Active Users.

Dubai, May 6, 2025

Memes just got a serious upgrade as Memeprof, the cutting-edge AI-powered SocialFi platform, announces a significant milestone: securing $600k seed funding from leading blockchain investors Alphablockz Ventures and Alpha Token Capital.

The raised funds will be used for marketing Memeprof’s public token sale, covering operational and management expenses, and building the Quest and Campaign features.

This investment will propel Memeprof towards becoming the premier destination for meme enthusiasts and Web3 projects looking to launch innovative meme campaigns worldwide. 

With an ever-expanding user base surpassing 15,000 active users, over 100000 social media followers and steadily growing, Memeprof is poised to redefine the meme socialfi landscape.

Offering a comprehensive suite of features like MemeGPT , Meme Contests . Meme Quests , Prof Games and many more tailored to cater to every meme enthusiast’s needs, Memeprof is not just a platform but a community-driven movement aimed at revolutionizing how memes are created, shared, and valued in the web3 ecosystem.


A Vision for Memeprof: Redefining Meme Culture

At the heart of Memeprof lies a bold vision: to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive community where creativity flourishes. By providing cutting-edge AI tools and features, Memeprof empowers individuals to express themselves through the art of memes, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers.


Key Features 


AI-Powered Meme Creation: Memeprof’s MemeGPT revolutionizes meme creation, allowing users to generate captivating memes with ease.
Crypto/Blockchain Integration: By seamlessly blending cryptocurrency abd blockchain into the ecosystem which can be used for hyper-casual game incentives and airdrop distributions, Memeprof offers users an entertaining and rewarding way to engage with the crypto meme space.
User-Friendly Interface: Memeprof prioritizes user convenience and accessibility with a streamlined interface accessible completely through a Telegram Bot and Mini App.
Community Empowerment: Memeprof empowers its community members with opportunities to earn project tokens, stay informed about trends, and actively participate in a dynamic ecosystem.
Future-Forward Approach: Committed to advancing meme culture, Memeprof continues to evolve, ensuring a vibrant ecosystem for meme enthusiasts worldwide.

Learn more about the project here –


What’s Next: Introducing $PROF Token

In anticipation of continued growth and innovation, Memeprof is excited to announce the upcoming launch of its native token, $PROF, in June.

Memeprof has already partnered with Kommunitas and is in serious talks with EnjinStarter and

Don’t miss out on rewards , we are currently running an Airdrop Program !!!

Join the Memeprof App here (

Serving as the backbone of the Memeprof ecosystem, $PROF will offer utility in staking for ecosystem revenue, unlocking premium features, and participating in ProfGames and Meme Contests.

Join Memeprof’s official channels on Telegram to stay updated on the latest developments and ensure you’re first in line to reap the rewards:


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Join Memeprof today and become part of the most innovative SocialFi and gaming platform in the Web3 ecosystem. Let your memes earn you real value!

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