1,000 rare Satoshi era bitcoins valued at $40 million are moved by an early miner


The sale of more than one thousand unusual bitcoins from the ‘Satoshi Era’, which were valued at forty million dollars, sparked curiosity about the future of the cryptocurrency market.

In the last week, rare bitcoins from the “Satoshi Era” have been traded. For the first time in thirteen years, more than one thousand bitcoins that were mined between August and November of 2010 have been transferred. Over forty million dollars is the current value of these early-mined bitcoins, which were once worth one hundred dollars.

Following the transfer of the bitcoins to address 35BRV3y2tEJNCHbmVtAe3kXNckYgu8X7av, the bitcoins went out to a number of other addresses. The address 1CzBL1pEudgqeTtoyPLtrVQHo7nYAZxmKZ, which held 1,028 bitcoins, was where they were consolidated throughout the process.

Based on the transaction patterns of the receiving address, CryptoQuant estimates that these bitcoins were most likely sold using an over-the-counter (OTC) or custodian service.

In 2023, a number of wallets that had been inactive since this period will become operational. In the month of July, a wallet that had around thirty million dollars’ worth of bitcoin came to life, and in the month of August, another wallet transferred one thousand five hundred bitcoins.

It is believed that the recent and continued price spike may be attributed to the anticipation of a spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the United States, the expected reduction of interest rates in the United States, and the rising attention from leaders in major economies who are favorable to bitcoin.

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