114,9 Billion SHIB Were Moved Using a Mystery Wallet


Less than an hour earlier, the @shibaplay_ Twitter account sent a link to etherscan demonstrating that an unidentified whale had moved an astounding 114.9 billion Shiba Inu tokens.

The balance of Shiba Inu at the sending address has been depleted to zero. Currently, 114,952,894,138 Shiba Inu have been transmitted to a Binance wallet, yet the address only has 0.0000005 SHIB.

The SHIB was sent to Binance around 43 minutes ago. This was not the only stockpile of Shiba Inus delivered to the exchange with the highest trade volume. Three further addresses transferred 272,000,000 SHIB to the same Binance wallet.

@shib superstore Smartphone game developer Travis Johnson’s Twitter account has uploaded a fresh message about his eleventh month of SHIB burns commencing.

According to the information in his Twitter account, Johnson began his SHIB burn campaign in November of last year and has already transferred a total of 2,794,881,641 to dead-end wallets.

At the beginning of this year, he enrolled in an Amazon affiliate program and started purchasing and burning additional Shiba Inus using his commission income. According to one of Johnson’s previous tweets, the Amazon gadget has proven to be a “sustainable daily burner.”

SHIB burn rate falls by 70%

The Shib burn transaction tracker @Shibburn has reported that during the previous 24 hours, different SHIB community members have destroyed a total of 130,695,987 meme tokens.

However, this quantity of SHIB is less than what was consumed the day before. According to the burn tracking website, this fact has reduced the overall SHIB burn rate by 69.59 percent.

Large investors known as whales prefer to hang onto their SHIB coins rather than sell them. According to the wallet tracking service WhaleStats, the 100 largest whales on Ethereum now have 12,015,673,898,858 Shiba Inu valued at $147,312,162.

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