1inch offers improved pricing and increased liquidity with Lumia integration


Users of decentralized finance should be able to “match or even surpass” the pricing of centralized platforms as a result of the extensions to liquidity.

Lumia is now one of the liquidity networks included in the data aggregator 1inch Network’s multichain liquidity pool.

March 18 saw the announcement of the integration, which should lead to improved pricing for 1inch users and more on-chain liquidity.

The press announcement highlights Lumia’s access to centralized exchanges like Binance, OKEx, and KuCoin as its essential feature. Users of decentralized finance (DeFi) systems should be able to get prices that “equal or even beat” those of centralized platforms as a result of an expansion of liquidity.

The co-founder of 1inch, Sergej Kunz, stated: “We are pleased to welcome Lumia as a new and major liquidity source,” 1inch said, adding, “1inch aspires to give consumers liquidity throughout the whole crypto market.”

Lumia’s liquidity solution is now live with 1inch via the RFP process, whereby a client contacts a market maker to inquire about the cost of purchasing tokens. As a private market maker, Lumia will run the show here.

Next, 1inch will expand to their gasless solution, Fusion, which will further improve the integration. Lumia is an authorized location that can fulfill 1inch Fusion orders and will function as a resolver.

The connection is completely working on 1inch Legacy and will be finished “very soon” for 1inch Fusion, according to a 1inch spokesman who talked with Cointelegraph.

The 1inch Network has a lifetime volume of more than $428 billion, executes more than 76 million deals, and draws liquidity from 500 sources.

Oneinch is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that controls the network. Claiming to have hired a permanent legal staff via the voting method, 1inch was the first DAO to do so in January 2024.

In February 2024, Orion DAO unveiled Lumia, their Web3 liquidity layer. The company positioned it as a connection between the innovation of decentralized exchanges and the enormous liquidity of top centralized crypto exchanges, making it an ideal source of liquidity for any business.

After U-Chyung Lim left Binance in March 2024, the firm appointed him chief business development officer.

Kal Ali, co-founder of Orion Protocol, revealed the complete migration of the Orion DAO and its tokens to Lumia in an interview with Cointelegraph: “The Orion DAO is transferring to Lumia DAO, which will provide far better community engagement.”

A DAO referendum determined the outcome, with ninety percent of DAO members supporting the transition. All exchanges will provide a 1:1 swap between its original ORN token and the new infrastructure token, LUMIA.

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