$2,484,000 Will Be Donated Ahead of the Launch of the Guaranteed Income Pilot in U.S. County


A county in California is getting ready to provide millions of dollars to low-income women via a basic income program.

A total of 150 pregnant women who are in their first or second trimester throughout the enrollment period and who are living below 200% of the federal poverty level will receive financial support via the 18-month, $2.484 million Humboldt Income Program.

In addition to any government or nonprofit program benefits, selected applicants in Humboldt County, California, will receive $920 each month.

The enrollment period will run from December 1, 2023, to May 30, 2024. Prospective participants must receive a partner organization’s recommendation in order to be considered for the program.

The McKinleyville Family Resource Center is a social services organization established in California. Their aim is to “develop programs that support, enrich, and sustain healthy community life.” They will be running the Humboldt Income Program.

According to Robin Baker, the program manager, who spoke with the ABC-affiliated news station KRCR-TV, the study aims to question current views about the reasons why certain individuals have financial struggles.

“People live in poverty for many different reasons; it’s not because they are mismanaging their finances; rather, there is a lot of misinformation about this.”

After selection, the participants will receive their payments on the 25th of every month via direct bank deposits or pre-paid debit cards.

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