A co-founder of Binance’s name has been used in recent crypto listing scams


On LinkedIn, con artists are posing as Binance’s co-founder in an effort to sell fake tokens.

Scams involving exchange listings have recently made a dramatic comeback. The recent surge in interest in token offerings seems to be attracting fraudsters that were active during the previous bull market.

Yi He, a co-founder of Binance and the spouse of Changpeng Zhao, the exchange’s previous CEO, recently disclosed a new con artist tactic. She informed the world about the LinkedIn impersonation in a statement she released on January 29. Someone pretending to be her has been scamming people by offering token listings for sale.

She made it clear that she was never involved in the listing talks and warned that people should be wary of individuals who make up ties to investors or potential listing candidates in order to get their hands on their money. Her comments highlighted the cleverness of these scams, in which con artists prey on the good reputations of well-known figures in the cryptocurrency industry.

At the same time, blockchain expert Anndy Lian revealed that con artists have been using WhatsApp to pose as Binance employees. Lian and Binance have strongly condemned the practice of these scammers giving free money to join crypto discussion forums. Binance’s customer service has emphasized the need to only click on legitimate links to confirm the legitimacy of unsolicited offers.

Users were cautioned not to engage with or provide account information to unverified sources. Scammers may target investors and project creators by demanding large payments, often in Tether (USDT), in order to sell tokens; therefore, this advice is vital for them. Scammers often pose as legitimate professionals on LinkedIn, collect the “deposit,” and then disappear without delivering the promised token.

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