A Crypto Influencer Warns of a Coordinated Attack on the XRP Community


Crypto expert Ashley Prosper thinks the XRP community is under assault.

A prominent member of the XRP crypto community named Ashley Prosper appeared to X (previously Twitter) this morning to make accusations of a concerted assault on the XRP community. According to the influencer, the XRP community has been treated unfairly by the media and authorities for the last three years.

After the summary ruling in U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) vs. Ripple, Prosper claimed that the lack of attention from mainstream media was evidence of a planned assault. The summary ruling that partially sided with Ripple was hardly reported, despite being one of the largest and most high-profile news items in the cryptocurrency market over the previous three years.

Misinformation disseminated via FUD has stymied XRP’s growth and development. Meanwhile, in the previous four weeks, XRP has lost approximately 17% of its value.

Prosper also said that non-public organizations like JPMorgan have had conversations on XRP with the SEC. According to reports, JPMorgan is creating a blockchain-based coin for speedier international deposits that will compete head-on with XRP.

Prosper claims that a concerted assault on the XRP community has resulted in the hacking of the social media accounts of numerous influential members of the XRP community. Prosper went on to say that the SEC had also called the XRP community hostile and that some in the community had resorted to labels like “conspiracy theorists.”

The crypto influencer concluded that the SEC’s enforcement action against Ripple has hurt XRP and the larger Ripple ecosystem since the prolonged case has cost billions of dollars.

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