A digital asset fund strategist who manages $1.3 billion says the next cryptocurrency bull market will shatter all previous records


Matt Hougan, the chief investment officer of crypto firm Bitwise Asset Management, is bullish on the digital asset markets in the next years.

Hougan claims he is “epically positive for the next three years” in a new interview on The Wolf of All Streets YouTube channel.

The next bull cycle in the crypto markets, according to Hougan, will be unparalleled. “It won’t be completely up and to the right. Of course, there will be hiccups. We can discuss regulation, and I truly believe in it.

But if you’re in the development community, you can see and feel what’s going on. In my experience with the cryptocurrency market, the degree of enthusiasm has never been greater.

That is why we are up 50% this year. That is why I believe we will close higher at the end of the year. And I believe 2024 and 2025 will be much better.”

Every crypto cycle, according to the CIO of Bitwise Asset Management, is driven by a technical breakthrough, and the forthcoming one will be no different.

“I’m very happy because I’ve identified the technology breakthrough that will propel this next bull market. And it outnumbers NFT [non-fungible token], DeFi [decentralized finance], and stablecoins. And, in my opinion, greater in terms of real-world applicability than even the beginnings of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Scalability is what it is. The epoch is layer-2. Many have often questioned when cryptocurrency will become popular. It couldn’t till this year, I believe.

Think about how it sought to get into the mainstream in 2020, right? A transaction on Ethereum now costs $200. You can’t get mainstream if every transaction costs $200.

Nevertheless, due to the rapid advancement of blockchain technology, the transaction cost has dropped from about $3 to $1.50. It’s probably about $0.12 presently. It will cost a fraction of a cent before the end of this year, according to [Ethereum Improvement Proposal]-4844 on Ethereum.

And the things you can do when using a blockchain are basically free fascinating and thrilling. That enables you to enter popular usage in such a significant manner that I believe this is the three-year cycle in which crypto truly reaches the mainstream.”

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