A hacker targeting index funds attempted to exploit another relevant feed


The same individual who attacked Indexed Finance’s governance also tried to do the same to Relevant Feed.

The 2D crypto detective ZachXBT has found that earlier this month, the same individual responsible for the Indexed Finance governance hack also tried to launch an attack on Relevant Feed, a platform for sharing and discussing news, using a specific wallet address. The wallet was financed by Alex Chon, who ZachXBT identified in a post on X (previously Twitter) as a purported DPRK IT worker who was sacked from two positions due to questionable conduct.

The 2D investigator also noted that Chon has changed his Github login many times, yet he still uses the ‘Holy Pengy’ alias with a personal profile photo of Pudgy Penguins. To back up his claims, he provided a number of images, such as a flowchart showing an on-chain monitoring of transactions, inbox chat chats, and a GitHub page of ‘Holy Pengy,’ the purported profile of Chon.

In reaction to a post by media celebrity Laurence, ZachXBT published his own post stating that the remaining funds of the Indexed Finance treasury were being attacked with $36,000 worth of DAI and around $48,000 worth of NDX before they were slipped. Noting that it had been two years since the last assault on Index Finance, the poster expressed astonishment at the new occurrence.

In line with the idea that “no, you shouldn’t be able to raid the protocols of inactively developed projects for profit by using governance,” Laurence believes that anyone who still has NDX delegated to them or another wallet they control should vote “Against” in the current governance exercise.

The media figure claims that NDX holders will need to plan for the future of their remaining digital tokens in the event that they are successful in halting the process. Still, he made a point of saying that even if their efforts backfire, at least they’ll know they tried.

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