A Massive Crypto Whale Just Made a Huge Huobi and Binance Transfer of Altcoins!


A cryptocurrency “whale” holding significant quantities of Aave tokens has been actively trading them over the last couple of weeks.

This whale placed Aave 80,870 ($6.4 million) on the popular crypto exchange Huobi seven hours ago, according to statistics from LookOnChain, a tool that records significant crypto transactions.

The identical quantity of Aave seems to have been moved from Huobi to Binance, another cryptocurrency exchange, six hours earlier, suggesting that the whale did not sell the cryptocurrency on Huobi.

The whale has previously transferred big amounts of Aave to exchanges, thus this is not an isolated incident. On June 25 (twenty days earlier), the same whale withdrew $8.22 million (108,961 Aave) from Binance. On June 1st, while Maker was trading in $632, the whale withdrew a total of 7,466 Maker, worth $4.72 million.

However, this whale’s purchase seems to have had little effect on the AAVE market price. The AAVE token has gained 0.76 percent over the last 24 hours, now trading at $81.44.

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