A Massive Drop in Bitcoin Value As Mt. Gox Starts Paying Back $9 Billion


Mt. Gox will commence the distribution of $9 billion in Bitcoin to creditors this week.

JPMorgan anticipates that creditors may sell Bitcoin, which could initially exert pressure on crypto markets this month.

Analysts anticipate that the market will recover in August, with the assistance of FTX’s forthcoming cash repayments of $14-$16 billion.

Bitcoin’s trading price has recently increased by 4%, bringing it to approximately $63,350 and recouping some of the losses it sustained in June. The sentiment toward Bitcoin and the broader crypto markets remains cautious, despite this positive movement.

Investors are concerned about a significant liquidation event as the now-defunct exchange Mt. Gox commences the distribution of stolen tokens beginning this week.

The distribution of Bitcoin repayments to creditors will commence this week at Mt. Gox, a once-prominent crypto exchange that went insolvent a decade ago as a result of a significant breach. According to the current prices, creditors who have endured years of waiting for compensation are to receive approximately $9 billion in Bitcoin.

In 2011, Mt. Gox experienced a breach that resulted in the loss of approximately 950,000 bitcoins. This sum is significant in light of the fact that Bitcoin’s ATH value has reached $32 per BTC. As a result of the subsequent recovery of approximately 140,000 of those bitcoins, their current value is approximately $9 billion, indicating a substantial increase in value.

From July to October, creditors of Mt. Gox will receive 142,000 bitcoins, which are roughly equivalent to $9 billion at the current exchange rate. JPMorgan analysts anticipate that the majority of repayments will occur in July, despite the October deadline.

According to JPMorgan analysts, the crypto markets may experience initial pressure as a result of the prospective sale of a portion of the Bitcoin receivables of certain Mt. Gox creditors this month.

A modest decrease in JPMorgan’s Bitcoin futures position indicator, which is based on CME futures, supports this expectation. This suggests that retail customers, rather than institutional investors, have been liquidating their crypto holdings in recent months.

Nevertheless, analysts anticipate a market recovery that will commence in August, in part as a result of the forthcoming cash reparations from FTX, another insolvent crypto exchange.

In the forthcoming months, FTX, another insolvent crypto exchange, will also be repaying its creditors, but this time in cash. These repayments are anticipated to occur immediately following the ultimate sanction of FTX’s wind-down plan on October 7, with an estimated value of $14 billion to $16 billion.

These funds have the potential to strengthen the crypto markets by allowing crypto-native creditors to reinvest their repayments into digital assets.

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