A Metaverse Initiative to Honor Saudi Arabia’s Cultural Legacies Launched


Launched on a metaverse platform, the Saudi Arabian government is showcasing the arts, crafts, history, and other cultural heritage of the kingdom.

The Saudi Press Agency has just made an announcement on the creation of a metaverse effort that will be backed by AI and GMI.

In Saudi Arabia’s new metaverse, users may take part in virtual tours of the country’s historical sites and museums.

The Saudi government collaborated with droppGroup and droppPhygical to develop the metaverse experience, which used HyperLedger Fabric 2.5 blockchain technology, with the goal of creating virtual worlds that were both speedier and more relative.

Anyone using the site may help spread the word about the country’s rich history to potential new audiences. Users may experience the country’s historical landmarks using digital models, unlike typical touring markets.

Thanks to Web3 models, people all around the world may experience the rich cultural legacy, taking advantage of the region’s ongoing embrace of digital technology.

Officials have said that cultural performances, including music, dance, and crafts, would be a part of the metaverse program. Some of the most notable features of the release are the historical walk and user interaction games.

On the Metaverse platform, viewers were able to watch the Saudi Arabia Founding Day, a historical event that covered the years 1727 and beyond.

“This interoperability across platforms demonstrates the Ministry of Culture’s dedication to inclusion, allowing a wide range of people from across the world to enjoy and learn about Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural heritage.”

Devices such as mobile phones, computers, and virtual reality (VR) headsets allow users to access the metaverse.

In an effort to broaden its economic base and spur Web3 expansion, Saudi Arabia has been investigating digital alternatives.

As part of its ambitions to establish itself as a regional blockchain powerhouse, Saudi Arabia allegedly spent $50 million in metaverse business Animoca last year.

The national project, NEOM, collaborated with Animoca to create digital programs. Another $25 million went toward buying shares in the metaverse corporation, while the first $25 million came in the form of convertible notes.

According to NEOM Investment Fund CEO Majid Mufti, the collaboration is a huge step forward in highlighting the right Web3 architecture.

We are thrilled to be working with Animoca Brands as a partner to help Neom’s digital infrastructure expand. Developing Web3 technologies and infrastructures has the ability to transform worldwide businesses and will serve as a crucial cornerstone of Neom’s technological stack and architecture.

Since the beginning of 2023, the Middle East has seen tremendous investment in Web3, with key governments vying to be the region’s Web3 center for digital investments.

Due to Dubai’s promise to provide a 90% licensing discount, Web3-based enterprises have begun to make inroads into the local market. In addition, the area granted a web3 license to the crypto-friendly AYA platform, which will help fund environmental credits and conservation efforts.

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