A Mysterious Crypto Whale Transfers $505 Million Worth of Ethereum (ETH)


This week, an enigmatic cryptocurrency behemoth drew the focus of the community after moving nearly $505 million worth of Ethereum ($ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, to the leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

The transaction fees, which were initially discovered by the blockchain tracker Whale Alert, amounted to a paltry 0.00183 ETH (approximately $3.38). One of the greatest self-custody-to-exchange transfers in the previous five years, as reported by on-chain crypto analytics company Santiment.

On Monday, another anonymous wallet sent approximately 77,482.16 ETH in six distinct transactions to a variety of Coinbase addresses. Due to the fact that Ethereum is presently trading above $1,870, the total value of these transactions exceeds $145 million.

As reported by CryptoGlobe, Santiment disclosed last month that significant inert activity had occurred on the Ethereum network, with two addresses moving ETH that had been latent for nearly five years. Historically, inert asset movement frequently precedes significant price adjustments, typically in a favorable direction.

There is a possibility that history will repeat itself, given that the current increase ranks as the fifth-highest in the past six months. The median age of a dollar’s investment in a home has also fallen during the last month, as measured by this line’s slope. A youthful average dollar invested age typically favors optimistic market conditions.

Furthermore, the company brought attention to two wallet addresses that had amassed 150,000 ETH as of November 2018 and subsequently sold all of their cryptocurrency on April 18, 2023. The sample size is too small to infer manipulation of the market, but the proximity of the purchase and sale of these locations between 2018 and the present may indicate familiarity with market dynamics.

The analysis demonstrates that the accumulation of 150,000 ETH in late 2018 coincided with prices falling below $125, just weeks before the market bottomed out and experienced a subsequent surge.

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