According to Kiyosaki, inflation only benefits the wealthy


He says it hurts the poor’s ability to save money in the bank but helps the wealthiest diversify their holdings.

Kiyosaki claims that the poor and middle class, who depend on their savings, see their buying power decline as a result of inflation. Meanwhile, the wealthy are protected because they store their wealth in commodities outside cash, such as gold, silver, and cryptocurrency.

Most Americans work for and retain their money in US dollars, which inflation devalues, in the author’s opinion, leading to a wider wealth difference. However, scarce real assets that rich investors often store as a hedge might also see price increases as a result of inflation.

Kiyosaki has been outspoken in his belief that Federal Reserve programs like quantitative easing hurt those who rely on savings and pensions. To avoid the devaluation of the dollar, he suggests alternatives such as precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

While inflation’s effects are not uniform across the board because of differences in spending and saving habits, the tweet does reflect the widespread belief that low-income people and those without assets suffer the most from the Federal Reserve’s loose monetary policy.

Kiyosaki is a vocal advocate for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies; he sees them as a hedge against the instability of the traditional financial system and a future store of wealth. He thinks the US dollar is unstable and that investors would be better off hedging with cryptocurrency or precious metals.

Kiyosaki believes that in the case of a worldwide economic disaster, the price of Bitcoin may rise to $100,000 or perhaps $1 million. He has been a Bitcoin investor from the currency’s infancy and continues to own Bitcoins alongside his gold and silver.

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