According to the CEO of a crypto investment firm, $ADA will be “A Top Altcoin to Hold in 2023”


Dan Gambardello, founder of Crypto Capital Venture and presenter of the wildly famous YouTube series “Crypto Capital Venture,” released his Cardano ($ADA) forecast for 2023 on January 1, 2023.

On 13 May 2022, when $ADA was trading at $0.5562, Gambardello discussed the cryptocurrency’s performance during the current down market:

“It is not news to me that $ADA loses value during down markets. People are unaware that this is one of the reasons I like it so much. Because it underperforms during downtrends but excels during uptrends. This indicates that we now own a very undervalued asset with tremendous upside potential.

“This is my perspective on the market. This is my strategy. This is my perspective based on my risk tolerance and the opportunities I find attractive. It’s not advise to anybody to go out and purchase $ADA. Please use caution.”

Approximately three months later, he declared Cardano to be his preferred cryptocurrency project.

Gambardello, a longtime Cardano enthusiast and respected member of the Cardano community, made a YouTube video on 5 October 2022 in which he discussed his “clear vision” for Cardano and his long-term price objective for $ADA:

Gambardello said: “I have a crystal-clear vision for Cardano, and although there are no assurances, I see it without a doubt. I clearly see that. Moreover, I am ready to take a chance on it. It’s about time that I zoom out on Cardano in this video. It is time to discuss the vision…

“Cardano’s solution to the trilemma – decentralization, security, and scalability — is a major factor in my estimation. Cardano’s approach and the foundation that is being laid are what provide the chance to be so stable and robust…”

“Now, let’s start here. This was a tweet from yesterday, and it truly is easy, everyone. There’s a lot of individuals who disagree with this, but I want to put it out for you in this video. $15 divided by 42 cents, which was Cardano’s price when I sent the tweet, equals 35X. No matter how far I go into the basics of any cryptocurrency… I am a potential investor. I’m here to prepare for my family’s future, so this is as straightforward as it gets.”

The 15X upside potential for $ADA is based on Gambardello’s belief that Cardano’s market value, which is now about $14.82 billion, may reach $550 billion.

On 21 December 2022, the Cardano Foundation highlighted why 2022 was an exceptional year for the Cardano ($ADA) smart contracts platform.

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