Animoca Brands Japan debuts NFT Sorah on June 18


Strategic affiliate Animoca Brands Japan has announced that June 18 will mark the debut of its NFT launchpad Sorah. The platform’s primary function is to facilitate the selling of Non-Fungible Tokens by projects and artists.

Launching its new NFT launchpad, Sorah, on June 18th, Animoca Brands Japan—a strategic affiliate of Animoca Brands—will go live.

In reality, Sorah will function as an NFT launch platform, facilitating the sale of NFTs by projects and artists.

In particular, the chosen NFT projects will have access to sales prospects and multi-faceted assistance for their marketing and sales strategies via the launchpad by Animoca Brands Japan.

There will also be a loyalty program, similar to an NFT, that users may participate in and earn rewards from.

Animoca Brands Japan plans to use Sorah’s new platform to become a Web3 portal that strengthens Japan’s ties to the international community. Actually, one of the many goals is to promote Japanese intellectual properties (IPs) abroad, particularly manga and anime. Another is to create material in Japan that attracts audiences all over the globe.

The release date of Sorah is June 18, as previously announced. This is the first time that many collections have ever been for sale; for example, “San FranTokyo Visions” from San FranTokyo PFP NFT, “Captain Tsubasa Team Collection,” and “SHIBUYA109 FASHION COLLECTION” from The Sandbox.

In particular, fifty NFTs are being sold for 0.085 ETH each in the San FranTokyo Visions collection. San FranTokyo is an imagined metropolis that unites intellectual property and companies, with an emphasis on pop culture fandom, anime, and manga, according to the project description.

Then there’s Team Captain Tsubasa’s collection, which features 100 NFT and retails for 60 MATIC each item. This is a collection of 2,060 avatars from Captain Tsubasa: The Immortal Sandbox. Among them are avatars sporting the renowned uniforms of Nankatsu Junior High School and Toho Gakuen Junior High School.

Additionally, on Sorah, the SHIBUYA109 FASHION COLLECTION will be having its first sale, with 100 NFT available for 60 MATIC apiece. The Sandbox published a list of all avatars created in 2060 that included Japanese fashion and culture.

In the virtual world of The Sandbox, owners of this collection may use their avatars to enjoy a variety of minigames with a fashion theme, as well as access a library of immersive material.

Both the Ethereum and Polygon chains provide compatibility for Sorah, the NFT launchpad of Animoca Brands Japan. In addition, as a precaution, its NFTs cannot be purchased by citizens of the US, UK, or any country that is currently facing sanctions, among other banned areas.

Animoca Brands has had more than one division that has been in the news recently. If The Sandbox’s decentralized metaverse had been able to get $20 million in investment, its maximum value would have been $1 billion.

Expanding the creators’ economy in a free metaverse is the goal. Kingsway Capital and Animoca Brands spearheaded the funding round, which also included True Global Ventures and LG Tech Ventures.

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