Anonymous promises to expose Do Kwon’s ‘crimes’


Hacktivist organization Anonymous said on its YouTube channel, “There is no question that there are many more atrocities to be uncovered along your path of devastation.”

Anonymous has vowed to “ensure” that Terra co-founder Do Kwon is “brought to justice as quickly as feasible” in relation to the May collapse of the Terra (LUNA) and TerraUSD (UST) ecosystems.

On Sunday, an alleged Anonymous hacker group video retreaded a laundry list of Kwon’s alleged wrongdoings, including withdrawing $80 million per month from LUNA and UST prior to their collapse, as well as his role in the fall of stable coin Basis Cash, which Do Kwon allegedly co-created under the alias “Rick Sanchez” in late 2020:

“Do Kwon, if you are hearing, unfortunately, it is impossible to undo the harm you have caused. The only thing we can do at this stage is held you responsible and ensure you are brought to justice as quickly as possible.”

The hacking organization said that it would investigate Do Kwon’s conduct since he joined the crypto sector to reveal his suspected criminal activities.

The organization added, “Anonymous is investigating Do Kwon’s whole history since he joined the crypto arena to determine what we can discover and put to light.” “There are without a doubt many more atrocities to be uncovered along your path of devastation.”

The hacking group also blasted Kwon’s “arrogant techniques” in mocking rivals and detractors and “appearing as if he will never fail.”

Anonymous is a decentralized multinational activist group that has orchestrated cyber assaults against government institutions, agencies, private organizations, and even the Church of Scientology since its inception on 4chan in 2003.

In June 2021, the same YouTube channel accused Tesla CEO Elon Musk of “killing lives” by manipulating the cryptocurrency markets using his Twitter power and influence. As of Monday, the video had almost 3.4 million views.

It is important to note that several YouTube channels claim to be linked with the hacking organization Anonymous. An agreement exists, however, that the organization does not have an official YouTube account due to its inherent decentralized and anonymous nature.

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