Anza Network Addresses Solana’s Congestion with Updates


Anza Network reveals plans to alleviate traffic congestion in Solana. Client behavior and the deployment of QUIC were cited as the causes of the current congestion in Solana.

Upon completion of a transaction, Anza Network will provide solutions to reduce congestion on the Solana smart contract. Customers will be able to finish their transactions one after the other without worrying about losing funds because of failed transactions, thanks to this update. The Solana software developer recently disclosed a solution to the root cause of the congestion after an instance in which it occurred twice in 48 hours.

Anza has successfully identified the issue with the Agave validator’s client behavior and the QUIC implementation in conjunction with the core developers. Keep in mind that several different endeavors are underway with the goal of discovering and resolving these compressions. A decrease in performance and loss of degree are components of these shifts. This rollout will occur in stages, one month at a time.

The existence of many protocols or chains developed for the express purpose of meme transmission is likely a key component of the Solana network. Because of this, it is clear that April 4 was the most problematic day for transactions with meme currencies. With 75% of non-vote transactions failing due to the processing problem, there are some concerns about adding this innovative platform to the blockchain.

According to Helsius CEO Mert Mumtaz, “bot spam” is a major contributor to the phenomena of network spam. He insisted that the term “bot spam” did not allude to the underlying insecurity of the network. One of the people that helped popularize Solana was Mr. Andre Cronje, who was also the man behind Fantom. He reasoned that this was because there wasn’t enough space on the block to accommodate Solana’s rapidly expanding network.

Unfortunately, SOL’s market position has taken a hit due to the congestion concerns. With a 2.55% gain in the previous 24 hours, the price of SOL has risen to roughly $180.36, reflecting a 10% decline over the last week. Due to its recent drop in value, SOL is now the fifth most valuable cryptocurrency, according to statistics compiled by CoinMarketCap.

There has been a 76.30% increase to $1,969,437,329 in the current trading volume of Solana. There has been a recent decline in trading volume, which can indicate a negative trend for SOL price in the next hours.

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