Argentine Oil Firm Mines Cryptocurrency to Reduce Energy Waste


Tecpetrol is driving change in the oil business by recycling natural gas into electricity for crypto mining.

One firm is attempting to rewrite the narrative about the negative consequences of cryptocurrency mining on the environment. The Argentine energy firm Tecpetrol has announced intentions to use its surplus of natural gas for crypto mining. This choice should enhance gas usage, leading to more productive energy generation.

The Los Toldos 2 Este area, located north of Vaca Muerta in Argentine Patagonia, is where Tecpetrol plans to build its first gas-powered crypto mining operation, according to local media reports from September 24. The goal of this effort is to improve the company’s crude oil production plan by repurposing wasted gas.

The business plans to launch its cryptocurrency mining activities in late October or early November. Tecpetrol has teamed up with a seasoned American corporation in an effort to cut down on energy waste and increase profitability.

The environmental effects of cryptocurrency mining have received a lot of attention, especially Bitcoin mining. In this procedure, high-powered computers are used to answer difficult mathematical problems, which results in a massive quantity of energy consumption.

However, new research indicates that crypto mining may be possible even if carbon emissions are reduced. A recent analysis by the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) found that Bitcoin mining has the potential to reduce world greenhouse gas emissions by 8% by the year 2030. This hypothetical save would result from transforming the world’s excess methane emissions into less hazardous CO2 for Bitcoin mining.

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