Ark Invest CEO Catherine Wood and 21Shares co-founder talk about working together


Catherine Wood, CEO of Ark Invest, and Ophelia Snyder, co-founder of 21Shares, spoke about their collaboration and shared crypto-related ideas.

Ark Invest CEO Catherine Wood and 21Shares co-founder Ophelia Snyder recently spoke on a podcast about their relationship and the cryptocurrency industry.

Snyder has spoken highly of the ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF’s (ARKB) imminent release to investors. She stressed that this endeavor is the result of years of planning and the synergy of Ark Invest and 21Shares’ respective capabilities.

Wood claims that the dedication of 21Shares to developing bitcoin industry infrastructure platforms was a major selling point for her. She made notice of 21Shares’ deep involvement in research, not just in general but in Bitcoin and blockchain developments in particular.

Additionally, Wood tweeted her opinions on the Bitcoin network’s security measures. In reaction to the assertion that Satoshi Nakamoto has control over Bitcoin, she emphasized that the value of Bitcoin is crucial because it serves as a check on the network.

In their constant effort to increase the value of the network, thousands of developers, nodes, miners, and users all across the globe serve as a global neighborhood watch, as pointed out by Wood. She made it clear that Satoshi Nakamoto was just one of several people who worked on this project together.

In a separate tweet, Wood emphasized the view of the famous economist Dr. Arthur Laffer, who is famous for the Laffer Curve. As a return to private rules-based money, Dr. Laffer thinks Bitcoin might be the most beneficial development in world monetary history. Robert Mundell, a Nobel Prize winner, was his trainer.

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