Behance has added a feature for Solana NFTs


Solana NFT function is available for Behance designers and artists that have Phantom wallets and is hosted by QuickNode.

On Monday, Adobe’s creative showcase platform, Behance, revealed that it will include a new function that would assist users to profit from their designs. This innovation will let users can link their Behance accounts to their Phantom wallets and show their SOL NFTs (nonfungible tokens) on their account profiles.

The Phantom Wallet is one of the major Solana-based wallets built for Defi (decentralised finance) applications and NFTs. Then, QuickNode is a Web3 infrastructure platform situated in Miami that has aided in building and designing this functionality with Adobe on the Solana blockchain.

Behance designers and makers may proactively exhibit their NFTs built on Ethereum’s blockchain on their profiles utilising this need functionality. The Vice President of Adobe, overseeing Behance-William Allen, remarked on the invention.

However, he underlined on Twitter that the majority of Behance’s consumers may not want to have anything to do with Ethereum due to its extremely expensive transaction (gas) prices and high power consumption.

He noticed that digital producers may now conveniently link their Phantom wallets and show their SOL NFTS on their Behance Profiles.

In his tweet, he noted that the Solana blockchain is a PoS (Proof-of-Stake) blockchain that tackles the difficulties coming from Ethereum’s blockchain, including high gas prices and excessive energy usage. However, Solana, on the other hand, requires minuscule power each transaction and is highly inexpensive. Thus, high-end and highly cost-effective.

Phantom Wallet Comments On The Collaboration

The Phantom creative team replied to the partnership in a tweet. The platform called this relationship as “massive” for Solana’s creative economy, since it allows artists to do NFT testing at a minimal cost and in an environmentally responsible manner.

Last October, Behance launched its first try, allowing artists to connect their Phantom wallets and Nonfungible tokens to their Behance profiles. Adobe previously partnered with OpenSea, Rarible, KnownOrigin, and even the SuperRare NFT markets. This was part of the company’s CAI (Content Authenticity Initiative), which aimed to protect digital authors and designers via the display of provenance data.

William Allen also confirmed on Twitter that the business would include Solana Address into its Content Credentials tool, which will be integrated into Photoshop and will help prevent the theft of NFT artworks. As a result, the appropriate acknowledgement is given.

QuickNode, the Web3 behemoth, has permitted Adobe to rent access to Solana’s mainnet, rather than constructing and operating its own node. According to QuickNode’s official website, the company is the top Solana node supplier. QuickNode now supports more than 50% of the Solana network.

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