Billionaire Mark Cuban Speaks to Cardano Holders, Claims Dogecoin (DOGE) Is More Useful as a Currency Than ADA


Mark Cuban, a billionaire investor, is engaging Cardano holders by claiming that Dogecoin (DOGE) is a more realistic payment alternative than ADA.

In response to a post on Twitter, Cuban informs his 8.8 million followers that although Cardano may be able to run more apps on its blockchain, Dogecoin has more use now.

“What is essential is the anticipation of the token. Why would you spend money on food or rent if you believe it would continually increase? ADA maxis provide a thousand explanations for why it will grow. DOGE users, like the community, desire the price to rise and recognise that the currency’s worth lies in its transactional nature.

Although Cardano is capable of more transactions per second (TPS) and has a larger total value locked (TVL) amount, according to the Shark Tank star, these words are primarily overused.

According to Cuban, only time will tell which blockchain has the most usefulness, and it will likely be determined when someone builds a “game-changing” application that could run on any number of blockchains.

“This is not a race between platforms. Although maximalists on each platform would prefer to believe so. It is a competition between apps to get non-crypto users to adopt crypto. The winning application will decide which underlying blockchain will be used the most.

“I should emphasise that the competition is not limited to crypto applications, but also includes non-crypto applications. Users must be enticed to abandon their present applications. These are not easily broken habits. It will not matter whether the game-changing software is on ADA, BADA, SCHMADA, or NADA.”

Maximalists will remain maximalists. Interfering with BTC, ADA, and other maximalists is a fantastic sport. But it makes no difference. We have not yet seen the revolutionary app. When this occurs, however, we will all be aware of it since everyone we know will advise us to utilise it.”

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