Binance Academy and BNB Chain Partner to Launch Revolutionary Developer Program


A new online course called BNB Chain Developer Specialization has been launched by Binance Academy and BNB Chain, the biggest layer-1 blockchain platform, as reported to Finbold on March 25. Binance Academy is Binance’s department devoted to cryptocurrency education.

The program’s overarching goal is to equip the next generation of Web3 software to promote development in the fields of Web3, cryptocurrency, and technology.

A wider pool of talent capable of pushing innovation within the business and the increasing need for skilled Web3 developers led to the creation of the program.

Twenty courses covering a wide range of subjects are available in English. These courses cover everything from basic blockchain concepts to more advanced topics like Web3, decentralized applications (DApps), greenfield architecture, smart contracts, and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Video lectures, readings, practice exams, and graded evaluations are all part of the carefully selected learning resources that encourage participation and idea pitching.

This program is part of BNB Chain’s builder support offerings; it aims to encourage people to learn more about Web3 programming and hone their current abilities.

Participants will be given a digital certificate after they finish the course. This certificate will show that they have learned the material and may perhaps lead to other chances in the business.

Binance Co-Founder Yi He said that education is the key to getting more people to use blockchain and Web3 technologies:

“The advent of blockchain technology and the World Wide Web 3.0 are revolutionizing several businesses worldwide. As these technologies impact our future and the global economy, further development and acceptance rely on education, which also opens new doors for people. As a pioneer in the field that supports the expansion of the broader ecosystem, we are committed to our user-focused values, one of which is the prioritization of making education accessible. Our objective is to improve financial accessibility and sustainable innovation. By offering this specialist blockchain developer program, we want to inspire and empower more individuals to contribute to the development of these groundbreaking technologies that will transform our world and industries.”

The BNB Chain has established itself as a formidable entity within the blockchain, distinguished by its exceptional popularity and effectiveness.

The platform has solidified its position as the most important community-driven blockchain ecosystem by having opBNB rank as the top blockchain platform by daily active users (71 million transactions per day at an average cost of $0.001) and BSC rank as the top L1 blockchain by the same metrics (a total locked value exceeding $4 billion).

Binance Academy’s worldwide educational programs, which already include the University Outreach Program and the Learn & Earn campaigns, have gained a major new partner in BNB Chain.

Along with initiatives like the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) program and grants like the TVL and DAU Incentive programs, it enhances BNB Chain’s efforts to encourage builders.

All things considered, the programs encourage innovation wherever they go and bring millions of people into the digital economy.

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