Bitcoin has the backing of well-known entrepreneur Tim Draper


Tim Draper, a well-known millionaire who still stands by his $ 250,000 Bitcoin estimate, has made some additional public pronouncements.

New remarks were made by American venture capitalist Tim Draper, who remains bullish on Bitcoin despite the market’s downturn in 2022.

Tim Draper said on “The Claman Countdown” on FOX Business that he would not lower his $250,000 target.

Draper believes Bitcoin will replace the Internet in the near future. Bitcoin is just a more advanced and secure system. I’m certain that ultimately everyone else will see things my way.

“In my opinion, Bitcoin followed the same pattern as the Internet. It’s safe to say that the internet is already an integral part of our daily lives, and I anticipate the same for Bitcoin.”

The famed tycoon has continued to express his confidence in Bitcoin, claiming that he believes BTC will eventually overtake fiat money because of its excellence and security compared to conventional banking systems and state-controlled currencies.

As Draper explained it, Bitcoin (BTC) is the first and most frequently traded cryptocurrency on the market, thus it has broad applicability and will eventually become the most sought-after digital asset.

“Because Bitcoin is changing how currencies are and how they trade, I believe that this year is one of the most exciting of our lives.”

Additionally, Bitcoin is widely acknowledged and many businesses now accept it as payment. Because they avoid fees charged by financial institutions and card issuers.

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