Bitget’s ClearLoop Integration Brings Cutting-Edge Off-Exchange Settlement to Copper’s Institutional Customers


Bitget, the leading platform for crypto derivatives and copy trading, has announced the completion of its integration with Copper’s ClearLoop network.

The integration provides Bitget’s institutional customers with a cutting-edge off-exchange settlement solution, boosting asset security, reducing counterparty risks, and improving capital efficiency.

Traders on Bitget now have access to faster settlement times and more security thanks to Copper’s ClearLoop network integration. Copper’s MPC (multi-party computation) wallet provides customers with a safe place to deposit their digital assets. By allowing customers to trade and settle across exchanges, this innovative approach boosts trading efficiency and reduces the dangers associated with more conventional methods.

On the ClearLoop network, big clients can get the most out of their capital by delegating it and selling it across different ClearLoop-connected exchanges. This makes it possible to use cross-exchange trading methods without having to pay fees to move money between exchanges or get money out of them. The assets are maintained in a separate ClearLoop omnibus account that is controlled by a trust established under English law to safeguard its participants from the danger of bankruptcy.

Bitget is dedicated to fostering a more widespread acceptance of crypto by providing a flexible and user-friendly trading platform that caters to a broad range of users. In addition, the exchange has introduced a protection fund for its 300 million members and provides monthly updates on its proof of reserves (PoR) in an effort to build confidence in the crypto industry, which is notorious for its extreme volatility.

Gracy Chen, CEO of Bitget, made the following statement: “Bitget’s commitment to delivering excellent service to a variety of customers is shown further by its partnership with Copper. We have seen an increase in interest in effective trade solutions and safer storage options for valuables.

Bitget’s position as a worldwide leader in the cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem is strengthened by the availability of this innovative solution for its institutional customers. Bitget is dedicated to providing its customers with safe and simple cryptocurrency trading experiences so that they may “embrace the full potential of the digital asset market.”

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