Reveals Its Future IPO Plans.


Macrina Kgil, CFO of, shared the news on her corporate blog that this figure contains only bitcoin transactions between real cryptocurrency users and eliminates the trading volume managed by company exchanges.

While further announcing that they have officially surpassed a major milestone of over $1 trillion in cryptocurrencies traded on their platform. To include that number in the case, we have handled one-third of all Bitcoin network transactions since 2012. is probably one of the best-known Bitcoin wallets in the world. It once supported only Bitcoin but it further developed in support of BTC, BCH, ETH, XLM, and Pax dollars. It integrates its crypto exchange, interest-bearing savings services, support for hardware wallets, and more.

To this Macrina Kgil said,

The key to the success of is its business strategy and the approach the company has taken to changes in the industry over the years.

She further believes that there are three major drivers behind the firm’s growth like public preference, their relations with the institutional investors, and their most recent brokerage and exchange business.

She also believed that the exchange business has seen a significant amount of growth in recent times, furthermore she is confident that this versatile strategy will be successful and that will continue to be the focal point for moving forward.

The uniqueness of is that we have a growing business in three major segments of the market. With a diverse revenue stream, excellent products, and team to meet customer needs, we are confident of seeing steady growth in the coming years.

Thus moving forward the firm is planning to apply for an IPO, and the firm wants to move on a similar track as of Coinbase and Robinhood and to further improve its infrastructure and positions in the North American Region.
While ventures like Google Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, DST Global and VY Capital are the main contributors to the company’s overall growth.

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