Blockchain Game MetalCore Gets $5 Million in New Funding


The coming web3 massively multiplayer online game MetalCore, developed by Studio369, has secured $5 million in the most recent investment round.

According to the press release that was made available to, renowned investors including Sanctor Capital, Delphi Digital, and BITKRAFT Ventures were among the supporters that contributed to the March 12 investment round. Other backers also supported Studio369’s goal.

Spartan Group, Arrington Capital, and King River Digital Assets were among the other donors that helped support the fundraising.

In their announcement of MetalCore, Studio369 highlighted the game’s immersive elements, particularly its AI-driven mission system, which provides players with a wide range of challenges and goals.

The news announcement states that Studio 369 will use the cash for ongoing development and future features, including an AI-powered mission system that generates one-of-a-kind goals, tasks, and assignments.

With the use of blockchain technology, the user-generated content component has the potential to become a key gameplay element.

According to the press release, “developers may deploy unique smart contracts and provide customers a gas-free experience” after they integrate with the Immutable zkEVM ecosystem.

A wide variety of activities, including trading, creating and enhancing in-game objects, earning prizes, and more, would be available to players. In an effort to entice players, the developer had hoped to grow the game’s ecology and invite additional long-term partners.

The press announcement states that MetalCore will have massive open worlds where players fight for control of specific areas.

In the quest for galactic dominance, players may engage in a wide variety of interactive activities, such as the creation and trade of vehicles and equipment, the recruiting of pilots, the development of land, and more.

The CEO of Studio369, Matt Candler, expressed his excitement at the continued support and shared vision of MetalCore from some of the most influential firms and individuals in the game industry.

Adding to MetalCore’s already impressive features, the extra money will allow us to take it to the next level and provide players with an unforgettable experience, according to Candler.

The developers behind MetalCore have worked for industry heavyweights like Activision and Lucasfilm, and their resumes include credits on games like Mortal Kombat and Gears of War. After raising $15 million in2021, the project went on to win the GAM3 2022 Award for Best Shooter Game.

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