BNB Beacon Chain Turns Into Open Source


One of the most important components of the BNB Chain design is now completely open-source, enabling incredible prospects for crypto academics and businesses.

Late in the second quarter of 2022, BNB Chain (previously Binance Smart Chain), a programmable blockchain built by the biggest cryptocurrency ecosystem Binance, reached a significant decentralisation milestone.

According to a statement by BNB Chain officials, BNB Beacon Chain, the blockchain’s backbone, becomes completely open source.

Therefore, any developer may fork its codebase and use it to establish their own decentralised cryptocurrency exchanges. This method—using an existing codebase—is “the most time- and cost-efficient” for developers.

This stage is of special relevance to Web3 developers and enterprises owing to the BNB Chain ecosystem’s great performance and astounding transaction speed.

Last but not least, the BNB Beacon Chain software may serve as the battle-tested technological foundation for a Tendermint-secured multi-chain crypto trading system.

Binance Chain reveals a new decentralisation strategy

In the next step of its decentralisation goal, Binance Chain will expose its validator set. BNB Beacon Chain will encourage all of its supporters to participate in governance and staking.

BNB Chain will onboard 41 validators and implement its first sidechain solution, BAS, by the end of Q3 2022. (BNB Chain Application Sidechain).

Then, by 2023, BAS will be replaced by zkBAS, a second-generation sidechain with the highest degree of decentralisation and bandwidth of 10,000 transactions per second (TPS).

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