Brock Pierce predicts Bitcoin (BTC) will either crash or explode to $1,000,000


It will either flop miserably or become a big success, according to crypto millionaire Brock Pierce.

Pierce, the head of the Bitcoin Foundation, said in a Fox Business interview that investors should not go all-in on the top cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency might go to nothing. It’s a one-way street. Either the price of a Bitcoin will reach $1 million or it will remain at zero. As a result, you should not put everything in the same place.”

Pierce compares the present cryptocurrency scenario to the tech boom of the 1990s when internet firms were slashed to the ground.

If I’m not mistaken, this takes me back to 1999. So here we are. What resulted from this? The Dot-Com 1.0 period brought out eBay, Amazon, and a slew of other noteworthy enterprises. And a lot of it went to nothing, as well. Moreover, I believe this is likely to be the case with what we’ve seen so far.

There’s no reason to think this new technology will have no impact on our common future, though. Pierce also revealed that he had a sizable stake in one of Ethereum’s (ETH) rivals, in addition to Bitcoin.

“I recently placed a nine-figure wager on EOS, which is well-known. All of my Block have been transferred to a new format. That’s something everyone can get behind. That’s available to the whole public.

I’m also very interested in developments in the non-fungible token market. This past week, I was involved in the acquisition and launch of”

non-fungible token marketplace enables users to establish their own profile galleries and share their tokens. This is the current price of EOS, a smart contract platform for decentralised apps, as of this writing.

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