Cardano (ADA) Holders Will Receive Substantial Rewards, but There Are No Assurances


The CEO of Crypto Capital Venture is still optimistic about ADA, thinking that significant price increases are on the horizon for investors.

Dan Gambardello, ever the optimist, has gone to Twitter to discuss the potential financial benefits of owning ADA.

Holders of ADA who have been patient over the last 1.5 years will be “heavily rewarded,” he tweeted. It was his hunch, he said, and there are “zero guarantees” involved.

As the Total Value Locked on the Cardano chain increases, he sees this as a positive sign for the future of the ADA price and tweeted as much on April 5. According to Gambardello’s tweet, on March 22nd, the TVL on the largest Proof-of-Stake blockchain reached a new all-time high of 420.2 million ADA. That is around the same as $144,000,000. The value of ADA that was staked brought the grand total to $155 million.

At the time of writing, ADA was trading at $0.3839, down 1.85% from the previous day’s close. This information is courtesy of CoinMarketCap.

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