Cardano: Biggest rival of Solana protocol & Ethereum blockchain


In this article, we will explain how Cardano blockchain Network is a much better option in terms of every aspect whether it is an Investment or a use case. 

Cardano is 6th ranked crypto asset in this crypto industry, at the time of writing this article, and this is not a big milestone for this blockchain Network because here we are showing the stand of Cardano blockchain Network’ native coin ADA position in this industry, not the potential of Cardano blockchain Network. Here we will explain how Cardano is going to be a game-changer in this crypto industry. 

Cardano technology vs Solana technology

Cardano blockchain network operates transactions on the Proof-of-stake Consensus and this is second generation blockchain coding in this crypto & blockchain industry. 

If we compare the technology of Cardano to Ethereum then Cardano is standing at the top, even from Bitcoin. 

Ethereum is based on Proof-of-work Consensus and this Consensus is first and traditional for the current blockchain Network. After Proof-of-stake, there is a Proof-of-history consensus.

Right now Solana is the only Blockchain network, which is using Proof-of-history consensus to run the Blockchain Network. Solana Network is more scalable than the Cardano network, but here there are some flaws with Solana Network. 

Right now the load on the Solana network is more than Cardano. And Solana is doing better over other blockchain networks but its basic Consensus is new to this industry and we are still in the initial phase of this technology, where we can’t see negative sides or future side-effects. 

For example load in Bitcoin, Ethereum Network will go through a waitlist, and delay in the transactions will take place but here in Solana Network is different. The majority of the time, users saw that transactions got either stuck or failed under high load. So here right now we can’t say Solana is better than others and also Proof-of-history consensus doesn’t support the decentralized nature, it supports high scaling of the network, so people can’t trust more on this network as a reliable medium of payment. 

At present Tron network, Cardano network, and BSC network are doing better in terms of use cases for fund transactions from person to person. 

Cardano Scalability vs Solana Scalability 

At present Cardano can facilitate 2,000 transactions per second, while the Solana network can facilitate 50,000 transactions per second. And also developers claimed that Solana can facilitate transactions with the speed of 7 lakh TPS. 

Right now these figures are showing that Cardano is behind Solana Network because currently, the Solana network is facilitating around 2,500 transactions per day. But here we have to wait for Solana to see whether it will be able to reach its own 50,000 TPS scalability or not. 

A few months ago, a few bots facilitated bulk transactions and that failed the network. Solana Network was offline for more than 15 hours. So here we can’t think that Solana is still at that level, where we can trust the reliability of the network and its technology.

On the other hand, the Cardano developer team is working on the Layer2 scaling solution. After the completion of Scalability work, Solana will be able to facilitate more than 1 million transactions per second. 

So in actual reality, Cardano is working at its best without going offline, while Solana is failing at some level. 

Cardano developer team Vs Solana Developer team 

Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano blockchain Network. Charles has a very big experience in this industry because of his past work experience in the biggest smart contract blockchain network Ethereum, as a co-founder.

Right now, Cardano blockchain Network has a total of 18,000 active developers. 

On the other hand, the Solana project founder is ANATOLY YAKOVENKO. Anatoly has huge experience in the tech industry but he doesn’t have huge experience in the crypto and Blockchain industry. However, here we can’t target Anatoly for his experience because the whole crypto project remains always dependent on teamwork and its developers. 

Right now the Solana project has approximately 100 active developers, which is a very small number against any future critical situation in the network. However, the age of the Solana project is not more than Cardano but still, here we can’t give a better rank to Solana over Cardano blockchain Network because the whole crypto and blockchain industry is based on the reliability of the data and technology.


Cardano blockchain Network is much better over Solana Network in terms of almost every aspect like future scalability programs, network online status, developers support and high decentralization. 

Here this guide is only a technical point of view on Cardano vs Solana analysis, so here people don’t need to conclude that Solana is not a better project to invest in or use. Here both the projects are better at their position. However, here Solana is in its beta phase, so we should not underestimate the team because the future will not see the history or origin.

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