Cardano Founder Believes That Nations Will Completely Rely On Smart Contract In the Near Future


The founder of Cardano (ADA) believes that nation-states will one day rely on smart contract platforms for the broader power of their government operations.

Cardano (ADA) is the top third crypto project approved by the crypto community. In addition, due to the successful Alonzo hardfork on September 12, many crypto projects are now ready to expand their platforms on the Cardano blockchain network using live new features.

Speaking at the 2021 Cardano Summit, Charles Hoskinson said that general dissatisfaction with existing centralized companies would lead to a new regime working on blockchain technology.

Charles Hoskinson believes that the current state of the economy does not make people happy.

People are fundamentally dissatisfied with the regime. There is an appetite for new systems, new regimes, and new types of institutions.

We look forward to the future to see how people will use these systems in 2025 and 2030 and we will be seeing billions of transactions, applications, and countries running their voting systems, their payment systems, and their stock markets in decentralized ledger-based systems.

In the coming months and years, we will see hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of decentralized applications. Eventually, those applications will begin to cover larger and larger sections of society.

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