Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Reveals Roadmap for NFTs and Expresses Surprise at Space’s Massive Growth


The founder of the Cardano (ADA) blockchain discusses the brief history of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Charles Hoskinson walks listeners through a list of potential use cases for NFTs as the industry evolves in a new Twitter area he manages.

“NFTs, as a format, are valuable in each of these areas, in my opinion. Thus, it is a broader space than the mutable world. And they may be collateralized. You can convert any nfts into anything related with an income stream.”

Then, Hoskinson describes his personal interest in the field and how he and the Cardano ecosystem want to participate.

A significant portion of the pot of gold will consist of sophisticated intellectual property agreements. License deals. As an example, we’ve discussed how to express a patent portfolio as an NFT. How you may sell the rights to the portfolio and how that might generate future earnings with interest.

Patents may be securitized as an unbiased method of guaranteeing to finance for a firm. Pharmaceutical companies, for instance, are required to sell shares. You may sell a portion of your patent portfolio in anticipation of its future profitability. There are several little tasks that may be performed.”

The developer of Cardano also believes that NFTs will play a significant role in how companies and influencers communicate with their audiences, maybe beginning with the video-sharing site TikTok.

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