Cardano Has the Most Developers, Says Analytics Firm


On Thursday (1 December 2022), the crypto analytics business Santiment, which offers tools that make “strong OnChain, Social & Financial research available to anybody,” revealed an intriguing revelation that Cardano enthusiasts may not find surprising, but which may startle others, crypto enthusiasts.

Yesterday, Santiment informed its more than 150,000 Twitter followers that, according to GitHub statistics, Cardano is “head and shoulders above all other crypto assets in terms of development activity.”

IO Global (IOG), the blockchain technology company responsible for the creation of Cardano ($ADA), said on November 25, 2022, that 1,146 projects were powered by Cardano as of that date.

According to the latest Cardano Weekly Report published by IOG’s Marketing and Communications department on 25 November 2022, there were 106 Cardano projects launched, 1,146 Cardano projects under development, 6.9 million tokens, and 3,759 Plutus scripts as of the report’s publication date.

Santiment remarked on Ethereum’s latest price movement on November 29, 2022. Santiment based its estimate on the fact that “Ethereum’s active addresses rose to their greatest level in over six weeks” on 28 November 2022.

Santiment reported on 30 November 2022 that “Ethereum’s huge key addresses have been increasing in quantity since the FTX fiasco in early November” and that “the number of 100 to 1,000,000 $ETH addresses is at a 20-month high.”

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