Cardano’s Creator Makes Light of Gemini’s Data Leak Claims


The inventor of the Cardano project and IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, has insulted the Gemini exchange for their latest data leak. The security breach led to the sale of user information from the exchange on the dark web.

In reaction to a criticism criticizing Gemini not listing ADA, the Cardano creator posted a Zach Galifianakis cartoon.

The remark was made in connection to a previous statement Hoskinson made about Gemini. A few days before posting his joke on Twitter, the creator of Cardano said on Twitter Spaces that it had taken years for Cardano to be listed on Coinbase and that it would be advantageous if ADA was not listed on Gemini.

According to U.Today, Hoskinson said that the absence of a spot trading pair for ADA on the now-defunct FTX exchange was strongly connected with exchange failures.

Many individuals who are dissatisfied with Gemini’s hesitation to include ADA concur with Hoskinson’s most recent tweet.

Earlier last month, the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange disclosed a security vulnerability.

Recently, a hacking organization began promoting a database including the phone numbers and email addresses of 5,7 million subscribers.

Gemini has declared that neither user account information nor its systems have been accessed, therefore client monies and accounts remain secure. Despite this, phishing efforts have continued to target platform users as a consequence of the incident.

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