Cardano’s Founder Refuses to Retire


Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Input Output said in a recent YouTube video that he would not be retiring to play with his bison.

Additionally, the cryptocurrency tycoon states that it is “frustrating” when others mislead about Cardano’s success.

However, Hoskinson is not going to give up “as long as there is still anything to win.” The inventor of Cardano says that the next decade will be crucial for mankind.

According to U.Today, Gavin Wood, the creator of Cardano competitor Polkadot, has just resigned as CEO of Parity Technologies. Some members of the bitcoin community speculated that Hoskinson would also resign his leadership position.

In his most recent video, Hoskinson again criticized maximalism, stating that it hinders the growth of the bitcoin business. He said, “Maximalism has never made any sense to me.”

In fact, according to Hoskinson, Bitcoin maximalists should explore adopting Cardano’s technology to implement smart contracts in Bitcoin.

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