Cardano’s Founder said on FTX that it would be a good idea to donate funds to certain politicians


Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) is still making headlines in the crypto sector.

Recently, the man behind the bankrupt exchange FTX gave an interview to The New York Times (NYT) in which he seemed calm and said that the demise of his enterprises does not keep him up at night.

Many criticised the NYT article, however, what really captured the attention of the blockchain community was the article’s direction.

The Twitter profile of Trung Phan, for instance, noted that terms linked with the FTX case, such as “fraud,” “crime,” “illiquidity,” and “back door,” were absent from the publication, despite their presence in other media outlets.

The Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong, was angered by the New York Times article. Outrage arose when the collapse of SBF’s empire caused the bitcoin market to crash.

Not only has the price of Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies been impacted, but corporations have begun declaring bankruptcy. BlockFi, a crypto credit platform that may apply for court recovery, is an illustration of this.

BlockFi suspended user withdrawals on Thursday, and earlier this week, the business indicated that it will continue to freeze withdrawals and restrict activities.

All of this occurred as a result of BlockFi’s reliance on FTX since the company had a $400 million line of credit on the collapsed exchange.

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