Cardano’s New Transparent Tool Is Designed To Be User-Friendly For Developers


Ledger Sync is a Java-based technology introduced by Cardano that expands developers’ access to the blockchain.

To “equip developers and partners with an additional tool for chain indexing,” the announcement explained, “the framework will be released under an open source license.”

In a recent blog post, the Cardano Foundation revealed that its engineering team would be responsible for creating a provisioning tool to expand users’ ability to access information stored on the network’s blockchain.

Ledger Sync, a Java-based data provisioning application that provides access to Cardano blockchain data, has just been taken up by the Engineering Team at the Cardano Foundation.

The assertion claims that inefficient random-access data retrieval is a widespread problem among blockchain-based systems. This issue is caused by the storage structure, which is often a linked list.

In the meantime, it says that previously, an application would have to loop over the first 199 blocks on Cardano to get to the block containing the needed information (block 200) if it wanted to access the transactions contained there. 

This method also becomes impractical if the size of a blockchain network keeps growing.

Cardano has recently emerged as the undisputed leader in terms of global cryptocurrency development. Santiment ranks Cardano first, followed by Polkadot (DOT) and Kusama (KSM).

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