Central Bank of Nigeria says the naira is undervalued during a time of panic among citizens


Insisting that tranquility is necessary to enhance Nigeria’s economic prognosis, the CBN governor asserts that the Naira’s devaluation is the result of hysteria.

The Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Dr. Oluyemi Cardoso recently told Arise News TV that the illogical choices and excessive worry of certain Nigerians were the main causes of the Naira’s devaluation. As this discussion takes place, the nation’s economic trajectory and the currency’s performance on the currency market are under intense examination.

Dr. Cardoso reaffirmed his conviction that the Naira is undervalued, saying that the public’s ignorance of the currency’s valuation processes and panic-induced distortions are to blame. He thinks the nation is now heading in the right direction thanks to sensible policy measures and wants people to stop being so pessimistic. The foreign community as well as his convictions concur that Nigeria’s ratings by international organizations are proof of the ongoing economic reforms.

Dr. Cardoso has been summoned by the Nigerian Senate Committee on Banking, Insurance, and Other Financial Institutions to provide more details about the economy and the Naira’s performance, which has sparked discussions over the currency’s value. This attention from lawmakers highlights the larger issue of economic stability and the effectiveness of measures to protect the value of the Naira.

Also, some Nigerians have been quite unhappy about the Naira’s swings, and Vice President Kashim Shettima has expressed his unhappiness with this. He spoke out against the unproductive responses on social media and how the country should stand together to tackle economic problems instead of being down on itself.

The value of the Naira is being worked on to stabilize and improve as Nigeria deals with its economic problems. The leadership of the central bank, headed by Dr. Cardoso, is sending a clear message that they are committed to implementing economic measures that would help restore the Naira’s true value by reducing market distortions.

The current situation calls for a measured response that acknowledges the intricacies of currency value while promoting a reasonable and educated public conversation. The Central Bank of Nigeria’s stance is an appeal to all parties to do their part to support the recovery and growth of the Nigerian economy.

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