Charles Hoskinson defends the Cardano Ecosystem and fires back at critics


Charles Hoskinson has addressed the criticism he has received for damaging Cardano’s image.

In a response to criticisms that he is damaging Cardano’s ecology and reputation, American co-founder Charles Hoskinson explained his position.

Hoskinson responded to a nasty X (formerly Twitter) post by a user named Swan.ada, who was critical of Cardano and Hoskinson in particular. Cardano sees Hoskinson as a burden, and the user said, “We are fixed and we will remain this troubled billionaire’s toy” if he “keeps on driving the ecosystem talk and perception.”

The reviewer uploaded two clips that showcased Cardano’s latest release, Hydra. SundaeSwap is a decentralized trading mechanism for the Cardano Network, and both videos include Hoskinson and Pi Lanningham, chief technology officer of SundaeSwap Labs and a contributor to SundaeSwap.

Using Hoskinson’s video as an example, the reviewer stated he discovered that it failed to highlight the “serious use case limitation.” He went on to say that Hoskinson lacks technical knowledge and is unfamiliar with dApp development. Another reviewer, however, said that Lanningham demonstrated “exactly what Hydra can and cannot do with real-world examples.”

The reviewer also mentioned that although Hoskinson’s video had 17,000 views in one day, Lanningham’s received less than 4,000 views in two months.

When asked about the criticism, Hoskinson said, “You don’t get the technology horizons or the process to evolve the technology.” ‘Has a wonderful open source community surrounding it, new implementations like Hydrozoa, and quick talks about extending the protocol,’ he said of Hydra, which has a release cycle that sees more than a dozen revisions each year.

Hoskinson said that he evaluates work strategies on a yearly and quarterly basis to see whether they are producing the desired results. According to him, the experts are working on something “different” and are “concentrated on the immediate use case and problems.” It takes two points of view, he says, for an ecosystem to really “thrive.”

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