Charles Hoskinson explains the Cardano small bump


The recent problem on the Cardano (ADA) network has prompted the network’s inventor, Charles Hoskinson, to explain what occurred. This is due to the community’s still-fresh memories of the incidents in the cryptocurrency market.

On the evening of January 21 and 22 (between blocks 8300569 and 8300570), the Cardano blockchain suffered a short “anomaly” that caused a section of its nodes to disconnect and restart, the Cardano team said in their January 23 Community Digest.

In a January 23 video, Hoskinson said that the network froze for around two minutes. Hoskinson stated that “we know where the error was called in the program” and “what part of the code was impacted,” reiterating that it does not appear to be reproducible. He acknowledged that it was difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of this issue, but said that “we know where the error was called in the program” and “what part of the code was affected.”

“The good news is that Cardano performed just as intended. When a stall occurs, the system recovers and repairs itself, causing the nodes to rise again. (…) This is precisely what we intended the nodes to accomplish.”

In addition, the inventor of Cardano acknowledged that this was not an ideal approach, since “ideally, whenever a distributed system has a blip like this, you’d want to know the specific reason.” Nevertheless, such systems “sometimes produce ’emerging flaws,’ so locally it’s not replicable, but a collection of things creates a global state that, for whatever reason, triggers something and the system essentially stops for certain individuals.”

That being said: “There were no cancelled transactions, no lost blocks, no lost funds, and no shutdown of the network. The network is continuing going ahead and advancing, despite a brief pause and subsequent recovery. (…) Self-healing is the purpose of a decentralized resilient distributed system.”

Hoskinson concluded by assuring the public that a team is working on this issue and will fix any problems it discovers whether they are in a Haskell Library or the implementation of balanceR, which was implemented to optimize Cardano. In order to determine what caused the occurrence, he said that additional time will be required.

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