Charles Hoskinson expresses optimism in Solana becoming a sidechain to Cardano


In a dialogue between members of the Cardano and Solana communities, it seems that both sides are interested in the idea of Solana becoming a Cardano sidechain.

On Twitter, a person from the Cardano community invited Cardano community members to vote on whether or not they would want to see Solana become a side chain to Cardano. Eighty percent of voters supported the move.

Charles Hoskinson, who obtained the tweet, responded with a meme, indicating that although he may not have real intentions to engage with Solana on its network becoming a sidechain to Cardano, he seems to be open to the community’s proposals.

Typically, a sidechain is connected to another blockchain network. Through two-way pegging, the latter, which is the parent network, is united with the sidechain.

Adam Back, the inventor of Hashcash, conceived the original notion of a sidechain in 2014 in an effort to solve Bitcoin’s scalability problem.

The authors of the scholarly publication describing the novel notion remarked; “We propose a new technology called pegged sidechains that permits the movement of bitcoins and other ledger assets across various blockchains. This gives consumers access to creative new cryptocurrency systems utilizing the assets they currently own.”

Even while some community members were enthusiastic, it may be impossible to connect Solana and Cardano owing to the fact that their network structures are fundamentally incompatible.

This year both networks seem to have enjoyed substantial success. Recently, Cardano reached a major milestone, as the number of smart contracts on the network topped 4,000. This follows the addition of smart contract capability to the network in September 2021. In addition, the number of new staking addresses for Cardano has increased by over 20,000 in thirteen months.

In contrast, Solana has had a tremendous development in the NFT industry. In November, Messari statistics revealed that the platform’s QoQ growth was 19.3% after obtaining 8 million daily new NFTs.

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