Charles Hoskinson lashes out at the YouTuber Ran Neuner


In an angry rant, Cardano (ADA) creator Charles Hoskinson blasted YouTube personality Ran Neuner for what he saw to be dishonesty and bias.

In a tweet, Hoskinson accused Neuner of “shilling for Solana and Luna” and unfairly portraying Cardano.

Charles O criticized Neuner on Twitter for his “shamefully dishonest” assessment of Cardano’s development progress.

Popular YouTuber accused of spreading VC report that misrepresents Cardano development activities.

Cardano routinely ranks among the top blockchains based on the number of changes on Github; yet, the blockchain’s sceptics argue that the blockchain is “vaporware” with no development activity.

The latest remarks instantly sparked a conversation in the larger crypto community over Neuner’s reporting’s integrity problems.

Charles O contends that Neuner is only trying to “promote his own book.” “You are fortunate to not be in America. Here, we punish financial crimes “he stated.

While Cardano has a reasonably large number of core protocol developers, there are really very few developers creating inside the ecosystem, therefore such criticism is not wholly baseless. Cardano continues to rank eighth in terms of market capitalization.

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