Charles Hoskinson predicts minimal delays in Cardano’s Vasil Hard Fork


Charles Hoskinson said that the team is in its final testing phases.

The Vasil update for Cardano has been postponed by several weeks to allow a seamless transition for end users.

But Input Output Global CEO Charles Hoskinson feels things are progressing slowly and methodically on the correct path.

In a short statement addressing the delay of the widely anticipated upgrade, the creator of Cardano said, “Originally, we had intended to implement the hard fork with version 1.35.0, and extensive internal and community testing was already underway. A collection of insects was discovered. Three distinct flaws led in three additional software versions, and now we have version 1.35.3, which seems to be the version that will survive the hard fork and upgrade to Vasil.”

Hoskinson said that he does not foresee any more delays, barring the emergence of new obstacles. The executive said that the most recent update was more difficult than anticipated.

He also said that some of the faults arose so late in the manufacturing process that they surprised the developers. This caused further delays as the team had to implement an alternate route.

According to the initial route plan, the Vasil hard fork was expected to occur in May 2022. This date was then moved to June 29. It was ultimately delayed until the final week of July.

Kevin Hammon, Technical Manager of IOG, revealed that the team had again fallen behind schedule, citing several difficulties and flaws.

Vasil is seen as a “game-changer” for the Cardano network, which aspires to increase speed and scalability while making it more appealing for intelligent contracts and decentralised applications (DApps).

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