China intends to airdrop the digital yuan to stimulate its pandemic-ravaged economy


China’s city of Shenzhen, with the assistance of a lottery scheme, has chosen to distribute 30 million digital Chinese Yuan (e-CNY) in red envelopes. In the midst of a pandemic-ravaged economy, this measure will be implemented in an effort to stimulate consumer spending.

Efforts will be made to resuscitate the local economy, which has been impacted by the lockdown, by distributing this airdrop. The airdrop is being worked on by a number of banks and the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce.

In both online and offline modes, the airdrop will be carried out. According to reports, the contents of these envelopes totalled $4.5 million. The airdrop has included instructions. The Meituan app must be logged into by following these guidelines.

The e-CNY incentives, which are part of the lottery draw, may only be obtained when users have logged in and signed up for the incentive.

The Airdrop’s Other Specifications Are Listed Below

These envelopes are given away by a lottery, as previously stated. The e-CNY may be spent at more than 15,000 app merchant businesses that accept the digital Yuan after it is selected via the random selection process. Lottery contestants may earn 88, 100 or 128 digital yuan from this game’s users.

Working with the Shenzhen Municipal Department are Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Communications, ICBC; China Construction Bank; Postal Savings Bank of China; WeChat; and China Merchants Bank The 30th of May marks the start of the distribution of these red envelopes.

Chinese officials have said in earlier statements that a digital Yuan might be used to assist boost local economies and improve the efficiency of some financial activities, such as money transfers.

Airdrops of the same kind are reportedly being planned by various areas. Nansha District in Guangzhou, for example, intends to give 10 million e-CNY to aid in the growth of expenditure.

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