Coffeezilla Faces Logan Paul in the Most Recent CryptoZoo Scam


Following a three-part series by investigative YouTuber Coffeezilla, ‘CryptoZoo’, an NFT game by Logan Paul, is presently surrounded by controversy.

Since 17 December, Findeisen has posted a three-part series on CryptoZoo, the fraudulent blockchain game created by Logan Paul. The series dismantles the controversial NFT game and focuses on the several investors who have lost millions of dollars on the supposedly failed venture.

This is not Coffeezilla’s crypto scam research. Stephen Findeisen is a YouTuber and internet investigator who specializes in exposing fraudsters and scams. Over the last several years, he has focused on exposing fraud in the blockchain and NFT industries. His channel description has a piece of wisdom that defines his whole philosophy. If you have to inquire, something is likely too good to be true. His channel has almost 2.1 million followers as of writing.

His work has garnered him a story in the esteemed New Yorker magazine, which portrayed him as an unsung hero investigating the darker side of crypto and NFTs. The Save the Kids token video series is largely considered as his move to a more serious, investigative content approach. Findeisen’s videos disseminated information about the pump-and-dump operation, which eventually led to its demise.

Findeisen and Paul have each asked the other into their respective program to address the dispute as of Tuesday, 27 December.

Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo was advertised as a game based on NFTs in which participants may earn passive money. The concept for the project originated in an episode of Paul’s podcast, Impaulsive. According to Paul, the project’s staff had spent six months “handcrafting” animal-based NFTs.

Paul intended to raise one million dollars in order to develop the game and NFTs. At the game’s introduction, players could buy NFT “eggs” of the creatures, which could be “bred” and “minted” to produce unique NFTs. To get the eggs, users had to spend a ZOO token.

At the time of the launch, $2,500,000 worth of NFT eggs had been sold. By October, ZOO had lost almost all of its value. Since then, the price has only decreased.

The YouTube star has already attributed the game’s apparent demise to its creator. Paul claims that the programmer built a code and then fled to Switzerland. The developer reportedly refused to provide the source code until Paul paid him $1 million. The creator of the project opposes this and claims he was never compensated.

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