ConsenSys claims that it gathers MetaMask users’ IP addresses via Infura


The company said that it gathers the IP addresses of MetaMask users who use the wallet through Infura.

ConsenSys, an Ethereum-centric software business, gathers the IP addresses and wallet addresses of users that use the Ethereum wallet MetaMask using the blockchain infrastructure provider Infura. According to its amended privacy policy, this is the case.

ConsenSys owns both Infura and MetaMask. Infura operates nodes on the blockchain on behalf of wallets and people. When a user initiates a blockchain transaction using their MetaMask wallet, the transaction is broadcast to the Ethereum blockchain via Infura. MetaMask communicates to Infura using a service known as a remote call process.

ConsenSys emphasized that the company would not gather such information if customers accessed MetaMask using other RPC providers such as Ankr, Alchemy, and others. However, it was noted that third-party RPC providers may gather such information if they so want.

It is feared that corporations collecting both on-chain and off-chain data, such as blockchain addresses and transactions, and off-chain data, such as IP addresses, may be able to identify people and undermine the level of network anonymity.

However, MetaMask’s founder, Dan Finlay, said on Twitter that he is aware the service does not use IP addresses, even if they are briefly kept. 

This year, ConsenSys secured $450 million in a series D funding round that ended at a value of $7 billion, making it one of the major participants in the cryptocurrency industry. Joseph Lubin, who was instrumental in the establishment of Ethereum, leads the blockchain company.

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